• Clean Air Canberra is a network of residents and citizen scientists who are concerned about the impact on our health and that of our families from toxic levels of residential woodsmoke pollution. Clean Air Canberra works closely with environmental and health experts in Australia and around the world to inform and educate the community and decision makers about residential woodsmoke pollution and to push for strong public health measures.

    Our Vision

    To live in neighbourhoods free of woodsmoke pollution and the dangers it poses to our health.

    Report calls for phasing out wood heaters in Canberra
    A landmark report by the ACT Environment Commissioner into wood heaters and woodsmoke pollution in Canberra was tabled in ACT Legislative Assembly on 23 March 2023. The report highlights the environmental health impact of residential woodsmoke pollution and makes several recommendations including the eventual phasing out of wood heating in Canberra. 
    Cancer Council ACT Position Paper on wood heaters
    The Cancer Council ACT has released a Position Paper on wood heaters and the risks of cancer. It recommends people avoid burning wood and substitute wood burning heaters for alternative, cleaner sources of heating. (Posted 25 February 2023)
    If you are concerned about residential woodsmoke pollution or its impact on your health, please sign our petition here. (Posted 27 April 2022)
    Wood heaters losing popularity in ACT
    An ACT Government survey has found 89 percent of residents believe slow combustion wood heaters impact on air quality, 73 percent said they were affected by woodsmoke, around half of all residents believe wood heaters should be phased out in Canberra and most respondents who said they had lodged a complaint believed little or nothing had changed.  (Posted 13 October 2022)
    Push to phase out wood heaters in Melbourne
    The Victorian Greens are pushing to to phase out the sale of wood heaters in Melbourne by 2023 after a Government inquiry found they are responsible for 51% of that city's fine particle air pollution.  Wood heaters are responsible for almost 70% of fine particle air pollution in Canberra. (Posted 20 October 2022)  
    United Nations Resolution
    Australia signed a UN Resolution on 28 July 2022 reaffirming the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. This includes clean air. (Posted 28 July 2022) 
    Woodsmoke raised in ACT Assembly 
    The problem of woodsmoke pollution was debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly as  members adopted a motion calling on the ACT Government to trial a program that will make it cheaper and easier for households to transition from wood heaters to electric heaters. See the debate here.  (Posted 8 July 2022)
    Monitoring Air Quality
    There are about 20 private air monitors in Canberra measuring air quality in real time. You can see what air pollution is like now in your local area here. (Posted 25 April 2022)
Burning wood for domestic heating is responsible for more than two thirds of Canberra’s particle air pollution

Australia signs a UN Resolution on a clean environment for all

Get real time air pollution readings in your neighbourhood with a Purple Air Monitor

Localised residential woodsmoke pollution

PurpleAir online map showing fine particle air pollution levels in Canberra in real time.

Top and bottom: Smoking chimneys polluting Canberra neighbourhoods

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