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Woodsmoke Chemical Table

The Burning Question

Fuel wood heating in the ACT

Woodsmoke flyer 1

Woodsmoke flyer 2 (front)

Woodsmoke flyer 2 (Back)

Woodsmoke flyer 3

What the experts say about woodsmoke

Draft letter/email template

Draft letter to Westfarmers/Bunnings

United Nations Resolution 76/300 (The human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment)

CAR Position paper on reducing the health impacts of wood heaters in Australia

Asthma Australia Survey Findings

2013 Senate Inquiry into impacts on health of air quality in Australia

Submission by Clean Air Canberra on the Draft Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2022.

Molonglo Valley Air Quality Assessement (2011)

National Approach to Reducing Woodheater Emissions Scoping Paper on Regulatory Options

National Woodheater Audit Program Final Report October 2003

Podcast. The effects on mortality and the associated financial costs of wood heater pollution in a regional Australian city (Medical Journal of Australia, August 2021)

Your Say Woodheater Survey Report 2022

Cancer Council ACT Position Paper on wood heaters and cancer risk

Can Canberra Burn Right Tonight or is there no safe level of air pollution?

Form email/letter to ACT Members of the Legislative Assembly re wood heaters (PDF)

Form email/letter to ACT Members of the Legislative Assembly re wood heaters (Word)

Indoor Air Pollution from Residential Stoves: Examining the Flooding of Particulate Matter into
Homes during Real-World Use.

Sydney Air Quality Study, Program report: Stage 2 – Health impact assessment. March 2023