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Residential woodsmoke pollution over Tuggeranong Valley 24 August 2022. Thank you to Stephen for this image.
Above: 17 April 2022. Woodheater smoke hangs over homes in Canberra’s Tuggeranong Valley.
One source of all this pollution appears to be to the far left.
Thank you to Bruce for this image.
Above: A woodpile exposed to the weather increases its moisture content resulting in more air pollution.
Above: A large hardware retailer in Tuggeranong, that claims on its website that it works to;
‘continiously improve social and environmental practices,’
regularly has a front of house display promoting wood burning.
Tuggeranong is a known woodsmoke hotspot and often breaches air pollution guidelines.
Above: Woodsmoke pollution over the Tuggeranong Valley 31 July 2022.
Above and below: A DIY wood heater chimney in Canberra
Above and below: Canberra’s neighbouring city, Queanbeyan, also suffers from residential woodsmoke pollution.
Above: Many wood heaters are left to smoulder adding to our air pollution problem.