Canberra is Australia’s national capital city with a population of over 300 thousand. It prides itself on being a well planned, clean and green city and is affectionatley called ‘The Bush Capital.’

However, it hides a dirty secret because many of its bush garden suburbs are some of the most heaviliy polluted residential areas in Australia. Thousands of wood heaters pump tonnes of toxic smoke into our air throughout the cooler months of the year. Not only does it destroy the amenity of our neighbourhoods but it also has a serious impact on our health.

The aims of Clean Air Canberra are;

  1. inform and educate the Canberra community and our politicians about the health impacts of residential wood smoke pollution,
  2. pressure our community and government leaders into taking decisive action to protect our health,
  3. encourage the use of cleaner, greener and more efficient forms of heating in Canberra.

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